Glenn at Derby Playhouse

Glenn spent a lot of time at Derby Playhouse before its unfortunate closure early in 2008.  The shows he was in were:

Company -  April 2005

Glenn played the role of Robert.  Five couples meet to celebrate the birthday of their confirmed bachelor friend Robert.  As they fight, make up, plan affairs, talk of divorce and get back together Robert looks on, certain that he will only get married if he finds the perfect woman.

Macbeth  -  September 2005

Shakespeare's thrilling tale of murderous ambition plays out as a fast-paced journey into the mind of a man driven to the edge of reason by the lust for power.  Compelled by an ambitious wife and the prophecy of three witches, Macbeth slays the Scottish King and seizes the throne for himself.  Glenn played the hero Macduff.

Arabian Nights - December 2005

These are the fabulous and magical tales that saved the life of Shahrazad, whose husband the Sultan (played by Glenn) executed each of his brides after a single night of marriage.  The show included the tales of Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

Into The Woods - April 2006

An enchanting and uplifiting musical that takes a look at what happens after the 'happy ever after' ending of some of our best loved fairy tales.  Glenn played the Baker.

Merrily We Roll Along - April 2007

This show is set in and around Broadway, it is about a composer and a lyricist (Charley, played by Glenn), but it is really about friendship and what happens to people when they take wrong turnings at different points in their lives.

Moonlanding - September 2007

Seen through the eyes of Buzz Aldrin (Glenn), the second man to walk on the moon.  This dramatic musical reveals the human side to making history - from the families left behind to the men who tried, and failed, to return to earth.


To view the video on YouTube, visit YouTube and type Moonlanding Derby Playhouse.