Glenn is a very accomplished musician and songwriter. He has spent the past six months working in New York with various producers putting together a new collection of songs. Interest in Glenn has been high and he has come back to the UK in order to complete what will be the basis of a new album. We have been given an exclusive track to for you to download which will be available next month.

    Glenn plays the piano and saxophone to a high standard. His music combines his powerful voice with an acoustic guitar and modern beats. For more information about his last CD and to download a track from it please click here

    Glenn has recently been asked to perform in Sweden and will be appearing as Glenn Carter in August for a Swedish National Celebration Concert.

    Please find below the Lyrics to the complete '3 miles high' CD.

    (1) Gentle Miracle
    (2) Lost Promises
    (3) Shadow of Love
    (4) 3 Miles High
    (5) Altered Images
    (6) I Need You To Know
    (7) Beleevin'
    (8) Beautiful Day

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