Official Chat with Glenn
5 August 01

Glenn logged onto the chat room on Sunday, 5th August 2001. Although he had previously made surprise appearances in the chat room, this was the first scheduled chat event. It was arranged after the fans voted in favor of a chat session over their other option: The set-up of a live Webcam in Glenn's home!

Around 60 fans logged into the chat room to talk to Glenn. Many arrived early and anxiously awaited Glenn's arrival. Sue Harris and Glenn logged on just before 1 pm, London time. Soo Chyun moderated the session. At first the scene was quite chaotic, with messages flying all over the room. Then order was restored, when Sue, Glenn and Soo implemented a system whereby the messages from fans were directed to Glenn in the order in which the fan had logged onto the chat room that day. Sue read the questions aloud to Glenn, and he typed the answers; they did this so that Glenn would not miss an incoming question while typing an answer to a previous question. The system worked well!! Glenn answered many questions and the fans had a wonderful afternoon with him. Sue hopes to arrange additional chats in the future, dependent upon Glenn's schedule. The chats would be available to members of the fan club only. (When a person joins the fan club, a special login name and password are issued. The fan can then use these to log into the chat room. Fans regularly chat with each other and have lots of fun in the chat room, even when Glenn isn't there. Please see the Fan Club section of this site for further details about joining the fan club and using the chat room.)

Below is a transcript of the chat session.

Sun Aug 05 12:56:22 PDT 2001

[glenn & sue xx] Hi everyone and welcome!
[All] Hi Glenn! Hi Sue!
[glenn & sue xx] Hellooooo. How are you guys?
[All] Happy! Glad to see you here!

[Sue reading questions aloud; Glenn typing answers.]

[Cyndi] What are you up to now, Glenn?
[glenn & sue xx] I am busy recording a reading of a book for CD and recording the next web album...

[Soo] Brenda, do you have anything to say?
[Brenda] I have no question, just a rose. With all my love @}~`~~~~~

[Devon] I am a bit lyrically challenged, I am wondering if you could tell me something from [the song] I need you to know. in the second set of "your body's lyin naked" - I hear: "feel my new beginning baby"...but then the LAST line I can't get..what is it?
[glenn & sue xx] Your body's paining ... me your energy is waning me ... the ultimate condition is to learn to live not just survive......
[shellley] It's the line that sounds like "i'ma i'ma risin"
[glenn & sue xx] I feel my new beginning, baby ?

[sue p] Do you find it difficult when people expect you to have instant answers and opinions on things?.
[glenn & sue xx] I usually do have instant answers on things ... so it doesn't worry me at all

[Sherri] I was wondering this morning when I was cleaning house, do you consider yourself to be more of a neat or messy person?
[glenn & sue xx] Depends how much time I have ... but I prefer things neat

[Syble] Glenn, do you plan to write or co/write a show of your own?
[glenn & sue xx] Regards a show ... I am thinking about it but do not really have any enthusiasm.

[maryb] Thanks so much for being here today. Would you say hi to me?
[glenn & sue xx] Hellllloooooooooooooo!!!!!!

[Soo] Hey Glenn and Sue, did you like the new site? Which one is you favorite photo?
[glenn & sue xx] I haven't had time to look at it yet... Sue likes it.

[Sangye] Glenn, where do you get your inspiration for your lyrics? Also, my daughter, Sarah(7) says "Hi! And I love you!"
[glenn & sue xx] Lyrics come from everywhere and anywhere..... sending love right back atcha

[Soo] Anuska. You're next.
[anuska] Hi Glenn and Sue, Just greeting...there'll be a lot of questions to go.

[Lue] Just curious, did you wax or shave for JCS? How often?
[glenn & sue xx] Immac-ed and shaved every day............ Nightmare...,.,..... [Immac is the brand name of a hair removal cream]

[Sharon B.] Glenn, I just want to tell you, thanks for today....and my Holly and Brandon love you, as do I. No question, tho! xx
[glenn & sue xx] Thanx ... same to you.

[] Hi Glenn, Hope you are well, my question is...Why did you accept the role in J.C.S & did you enjoy playing the part of Jesus Christ?
[glenn & sue xx] Playing it was great...... I accepted it because I thought it would be a good thing to do ... I was right ....... thankfully

[rita] Hi Glenn, do you prefer living on your boat or in your house ?
[glenn & sue xx] Boat....... no question....... if only my studio would fit on it.
[All] LOL!!!

[Brenda] Hi Glenn, I just want to say thank you for changing my life....You'll never know what this site means to me...GENTLE HUGS
[glenn & sue xx] I hope you have fun...... this is the reason .... not squabbling amongst ourselves.......... we can have fun and make friends to last a lifetime if we choose or make it miserable. It is our choice.

[Lisa] Glenn - How is your garden growing? Is the ivy growing back?
[glenn & sue xx] Far too quickly.

[lyn] Saw JCS in Bristol..have you seen this production? and Cat Simmons said to say hi! By the way thanks for the day in London.
[glenn & sue xx] No... the tour production has not been close to where I have been.

[BarbaraJean] No question. Just want to say I loved your performance in JCS and hope to see you in future projects. Take care!
[glenn & sue xx] I hope you do toooooo!

[carolSF] Hey Sue...Hey Glenn! Glenn. are you overwhelmed since the release of the video in the US???
[glenn & sue xx] No..... its all fun to me.

[KathyV] Hi Glenn - love your work! No one laugh now...have you ever met Justin Hayward? From the Moody Blues?
[All] LOL!
[glenn & sue xx] No...... you?
[KathyV] NO! Not in person, Glenn! I love you more though!

[candace] Hi Glenn!!! Welcome questions, just listening...
[glenn & sue xx] Hi Candace

[dana] Hi Glenn...easy do you stay in such great shape?
[glenn & sue xx] Go to the gym.......... every now and then...... and live my philosoph every day

[glenn & sue xx] oooooppppps there was a "y" there somewhere
[All] LOL!

[Carla] Hello Glenn, what is your favorite way to express yourself, artistically?
[glenn & sue xx] If I am acting, it is singing ..... If I am singing, it is acting ...... always wanna keep changing and progressing

[francie] ........What's your favorite color...? No questions...just glad to see you
[glenn & sue xx] All of them
[francie] Thought so.....
[All] LOL!

[sandra] No questions, just listening
[glenn & sue xx] Sandra have you still got the Hosanna cloth on your bed?
[sandra] Yes

[Holly] Hi Glenn! Do you have any plans to return to the States? xoxo
[glenn & sue xx] Just a hope ... no plans

[KatieO] Hi Glenn, no questions... just sending you love & peace
[glenn & sue xx] Thanx

[georgie] Hi, Glenn , my 12 year old put me up to this one.......".can I have your phone number? " lol
[All] LOL! LMAO!!
[maryb] What a smart 12 year old!
[Beth] Transcript please
[All] LOL!
[glenn & sue xx] mmmmmmmmm I'll think about it

[Abercrombie] Hi Glenn and Sue, disappointed about Sweden: are there any other countries you'd like to perform in?
[glenn & sue xx] All of them........ I don't see countries just our beautiful planet and beautiful people

[Naomi] Did you get as much enjoyment doing the JCS video as you did performing JCS on stage? also it was great meeting you in June
[glenn & sue xx] It's all great fun and different from each other

[glenn & sue xx] Thanx Soo, you are doing a great job.... and well done for the hard work on the site
[Soo] My pleasure.

[Ginbob] Well as my kitty fell out the window this week and survived. I have to ask..Glenn how are your kitties doing?uu c
[glenn & sue xx] Great ... thanx

[Pam] Do you think you will be writing songs for the saxaphone in the near future?
[glenn & sue xx] Probably.......... I am enjoying playing it more and more

[Amanda] Hi Glenn and Sue. Any plans to come to Australia?
[glenn & sue xx] Just a wish plans

[joanne] Hi Sue, Glenn, no questions, just to say I'm the teacher with the shirt.......remember?
[glenn & sue xx] I remember

[annettem] Sorry, I didn't mean to not wait my turn earlier. It's just that my question was the same as devon's and I was trying to help clarify it. The question is (in I Need to Know) the background track goes "if feel my new beginning, baby" about three times and then there's a phrase at the end that's sung with a growl in your voice that sounds something like "this time I'll get it right" or "I'm a I'm a risin'" or "feel the sun rise"
[glenn & sue xx] I can't remember ... I would have to listen to it again ... the last time was when I mixed it

[Soo] Piazza. Your turn :)
[Piazza] No questions thanks...just...((((((((((Glenn))))))))))))) and Sue too, of course!

[Kevin] Sorry I got to pass to Carol. anything I might say.......................I would pay dearly for later
[carolSF] Glenn...Kev's my husband
[glenn & sue xx] Hey Kevin we guys gotta stick together, don't worry
[Soo] Tough men!
[All] LOL!
[Kevin] I never win, I just do as I'm told
[glenn & sue xx] Me neither
[sarah.c.xx] Girl power in here
[All] LOL!!
[glenn & sue xx] I love girl power .......
[Cyndi] Poor abused men
[glenn & sue xx] long as it's feminine
[francie] Feminine girl power... hmmm...
[carolSF] I thought he was asking if Kevin was feminine!
[All] LOL Carol!!

[Trinity] Hi Glenn and Sue... When you were in New York you had many meetings about your music...has that progressed into anything for you?
[glenn & sue xx] Not yet.....

[Line] It's my cold making me as this, but are you dating anyone at this time and If not.......
[Amanda] What a line!
[glenn & sue xx] Yes I am
[All] LOL!!!

[tweety] Glenn, where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
[glenn & sue xx] Somewhere having fun
[All] LOL!

[LeeAnn] Hello Glenn and Sue! Thanks for putting this together today. Here's my question - If you weren't an actor or a singer, what do you think you would do for a profession?
[glenn & sue xx] I would be a writer..... of music as this is my passion ... but do not get time to focus

[shelll] In your early life, where did you get your encouragement to follow a creative path in life?
[glenn & sue xx] In myself ... no encouragement from anywhere else..
[francie] Sad.....
[glenn & sue xx] Not sad ... It gave me great strength and courage to be allowed to develop my way at my speed... It all depends on your outlook in life
[francie] Sorry..........but, as a parent, it seems sad...
[glenn & sue xx] Not at all ... I was always a very happy child ... no pressure of expectation from my parents ... They would love me whatever

[loullax] Glenn, can I share my marshmallows with you? Hehehe xxxx
[All] LOL!! LMAO!
[glenn & sue xx] Of course

[Saori] Hi Glenn and Sue! Glenn, did you get my present? Do you like them?
[glenn & sue xx] Yes saori.... fab thanx ... I will be using them later

[simone2] I purchased david gray white ladder cd today , What was last cd you purchased ?
[glenn & sue xx] Chilled out Ibiza..... listening to it now

[MaggieH] Glenn, no question, just a comment. You have created a little "monster!" I just finished riding over 500 miles with my six year daughter singing with the soundtrack of JCS! Now she's watching the video again! LOL At least I was able to use the video to get her room clean! So thanks for the parenting help Glenn! :-)

[Kristi] Glenn, What routine do you follow to keep your voice in shape? Hi Sue!
[merry] Your voice is magnificent - how did you train to develop it and how do you maintain it?
[glenn & sue xx] It is too complicated to explain ... but is in the interviews linked to his site

[Reggie] Glenn...What is it that you have got that put you where you are??? I'm umm...a captive fan!...;) Just wanna wish you love! :P
[glenn & sue xx] Cheeeek
[All] LOL!
[glenn & sue xx] Thanx Reggie you too babe
[Reggie] Thanx! :)

[KarenW] Thanks so much. I missed the first part of chat. New CD coming soon?
[glenn & sue xx] Soonish ... relocating has taken time

[shelll] What were you like in high school? geeky? cool? rebel?? renaissance man?
[glenn & sue xx] Soccer captain..... and rough kid ..

[sue p] Are you a trained dancer or does it just come naturally to you?
[glenn & sue xx] I trained around ... In the States I would be known as a triple threat....but with added musical credits

[susan] No question.... i just think you are wonderful Glenn, and thank you for this wonderful place to come to everyday!!!
[glenn & sue xx] Thanx

[Caron] No question, my fingers are tongue tied. Hi from me and Terri, my daughter (she is at church) We are the "naughty ones" on the board
[MaggieH] On many levels, Glenn :-)

[Kristi5] Have you ever missed "the" note in Gethsemene
[glenn & sue xx] Yes....

[meg] Oh... Do you ever have problems writing your poetry/lyrics???
[glenn & sue xx] It is not a problem.... just a challenge. Some days it's easier than others

[lauren] Can you please post a little boy picture of you on the site?
[All] Awwwww.. LOL!
[KathyV] I second Lauren's request!
[glenn & sue xx] Yes I will and a really cute one of Scott
[Soo] I'll make sure I get that photo for the site! ;-D
[lauren] Thanks!!!
[MaggieH] He needs to save something for his VH1 Behind the Scenes that will surely happen one day!

[glenn & sue xx] Last few minutes... I gotta go soon

[elfie] How long did you work as road manager and did you enjoy it?
[glenn & sue xx] 4 years

[Soo] Okay. I went down all on the list. Anybody missed your turn?
[KathyV] Hurray for Soo!
[All] Yay Soo! Thanks Soo!
[glenn & sue xx] Yes. well done soo, thanx..... you were fab... !!
[Soo] Thanks. :)

[Mary Ann] Will you do a show in Minnesota? You could stay in my house and I will be your personal chef. Tee hee!
[Lauren] Glenn, thanks so much for taking the time to do this
[Amanda] Wish I could share my dawn with the flat topped mountain going down through bush to the sea with you all! Thanx Glenn and Sue big huggs
[cyndi] Thank you so much for all the time you take to entertain us and to bear with all our questions!
[KathV] Glenn - please send an email to Bella! She did so much work on the web site with Soo!!
[Candace] Glenn, thanks for being here tonight. love and peace!! Soo, you were great too! thanks for keeping the peace.
[glenn & sue xx] Great thanx

[glenn & sue xx] Love to all of you byeeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxx
[All] Bye, glenn and sue!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*** Editor's note: Text in square brackets was occasionally added by the editor to clarify a question or answer.

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