Fan Club Meeting in London
24 March 01

The first fan club meeting was in London on Saturday 24 March. Rita had arranged to meet everyone outside Tower Records, Piccadilly at 11.45 am. How would we recognize each other? Simple. Rita’s son had made a small sign to hold up with a photo of Glenn on it. Gradually one by one people turned up and we introduced each other. By 12.15 there were twelve of us, and we set off to the pub The Glass Blower for lunch. The rather confused bar staff just had to ask eventually what we were doing, as a large birthday banner appeared all glittery wishing Glenn a happy birthday, but obviously no Glenn. I did eventually explain to them what it was all about. After a good natter and look at the photos I took of my last trip to New York, we ate lunch and most of us left for the matinee performance of Notre Dame at the Dominion Theatre. After the show we went to the stage door, and those who had bought from me JCS souvenir brochures I had spare from NY, asked Fred Johanson to sign them. He couldn't work out how we all had the wrong brochure, a small explanation soon put him to rights. After a very entertaining day we all parted company, and are looking forward to the next one, which hopefully will be in the summer with better weather and Glenn there too!

There was also a mini get together in New York on the same day to celebrate Glenn's birthday.

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