Fan Club Meeting and Party in London
4 & 6 October 2001

A group of Glenn Carter's fans met in London during the first week of October. They came from the United States and various places in the UK and Europe. The fun started on Thursday, 4 October. Sue Harris had told everyone that she and Glenn would be at the St Giles Hotel, Tottenham Court Road at 3.00 pm, and invited fans to join them for a "cuppa." The Message Board on displayed happy postings from fans, excited to meet each other and Glenn, with some of the Americans expressing anxiety over the language barrier that they were soon to encounter. What was a "cuppa," anyway?? (It is a "cup of tea," apparently.)

Glenn and Sue met some of the fans at the door of the hotel, and all went upstairs to a quiet corner in the lounge. Other fans arrived and joined them for a delightful afternoon of laughs and conversation. Some of the fans had been nervous about meeting Glenn, but they were immediately put at ease by his easygoing, friendly manner. They noted how he was a wonderful listener and looked each of them in the eye as he spoke to them, making each person feel that they were the most important person in the world at that moment. Glenn happily signed autographs and patiently had his picture taken over and over and over again. For two and one half hours the group talked about many subjects: The recent tragedies in the USA, Andrew Lloyd Webber, bloopers in the Jesus Christ Superstar film, Whistle Down the Wind,, his adventures when he lived in the United States (which included riding mules bareback in the Grand Canyon), and recent postings on the Message Board. He was frustrated by some of the negativity in recent postings, but he seemed happy to see that many fans were apparently making meaningful friendships through the Board. He enjoyed seeing some of the fans enthusiastically greet each other, as they met face to face for the first time after having become friends in cyberspace on He mentioned that he cannot always answer his many, many email messages from fans; at one point he was spending four hours per day doing so. He answered questions about his career, telling the fans how he had been trained as an actor, and it was a voice coach who recognized his amazing talent for singing. He had been a songwriter since he was a kid. He enjoys the early, creative phases of putting together a play or film. Glenn revealed one exciting bit of news: His new album will be released this winter! For everyone who loves the 3 Miles High CD, this is great news indeed :-)

The group shared a lot of laughs. For example, Glenn had gotten a kick out of the postings on the Message Board where fans were suggesting that he should have saved his shorn locks and sold them. When the conversation turned to the loincloths used in JCS, he mentioned that he had had about 40 of them; a fan joked that these would have sold well in an auction. Glenn's reply was "No way!"

Fans commented on how handsome Glenn is in person. All liked his new haircut and were struck by his blue, blue eyes and gorgeous smile. They noted how he was very articulate, intelligent, and thoughtful. They also were impressed with how warm and affectionate he was, hugging them close for pictures and to say "hello" and "good-bye"; he made each person feel very special. He also made a fan in the US feel special by talking to her on the phone; she had planned to come to London, but her plans had been cancelled due to the recent tragedy in New York.

On Saturday, 6 October the fans met at a theatre in Basingstoke. Sue Harris had decorated a room with balloons, streamers, and a collection of photos of Glenn. Sue provided drinks and a lovely buffet dinner. Stuart Long (Stu) joined the festivities, much to the delight of everyone there. Sue surprised the group at 7:00 pm: She took them into the auditorium to watch a video of clips from several of Glenn's performances. Included were clips from JCS on Broadway, Grease, a trailer for 2 Days 9 Lives, a very young Glenn dancing in a musical/satire about Maggie Thatcher called Ten Glorious Years, and various television interviews, one of which featured Glenn singing "Gethsemane" in a studio. Dessert was a chocolate cake, belatedly celebrating Glenn's birthday (which had been in March) made by Sarah Cheeseman. They heard a marvelous new song from Glenn's new album (to be released by Christmas). Glenn was unable to join the group due to a previous commitment, but he telephoned them on Sue's mobile (that's a "cell phone" to the Americans) to say "Hello." A group photo was taken, and all went away with happy memories of a wonderful evening together. Some fans met up with each other during the days following the meetings. Meeting Glenn and joining together in the festivities with new friends were heart-warming experiences for all who attended. It was a beautiful respite from the bad news on television, and a chance to appreciate how love, peace, and harmony are so important.

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