Interview with Glenn & Member Questions Answered


Q: How have you been?

A. Very very busy. I have been in New York writing songs and working with a producer. It has been great fun but such hard work. Little sleep but a lot of music!

Q: What is all this for?

A: Well, I have been receiving interest from a load of record companies. I was putting together material for meetings and working on the fanclub CD.

Q: Why are you back in the UK then?

A: I needed to come back to work with Scott on some new material. I have to go back to see the companies again in a couple of weeks so thought some time at home would focus my mind and I would get more work done. I also missed my cats!

Q: Have you been checking out the web page recently?

A: Yeah, I am so happy with it. My email account is always full! I wish I had more time to go through it all. I saw the figures for the past six months and could not believe how many hits we have had. It just fills me with joy when I read the messages.

Q: What does the future hold?

A: For me? Well at the moment I am totally focused on the music. Once I know to what extent that is going then I will do some more acting.

Q: Another show or a film?

A: I don’t know yet. I don’t mean to be awkward but I really don’t know. I love both but will have to see what comes along.

Q: What have you been doing apart from the music?

A: Apart from taking meetings and writing in the studio, I have done very little because I just haven’t had any free time. I have had a couple of nights out, but mainly work-related. For example I had dinner with a few movie producers and went to a premiere.

Q: Sounds like fun!

A: It was! I love to get involved with things but as you know I am very single-minded. If I am doing music, I do music 100%. Well, 99% of my time anyway. If I had the time I would do more stuff, but at the moment I am locking myself away and working.

Q: Doesn’t that get lonely?

A: Not really because I am always with people. Sometimes you miss that warmth of family and I miss my brothers, but I have made really cool friends in NYC. That is why the message board is so good. When I need some warmth I just take a peek. I love seeing familiar faces and get a real buzz when I see a new name.

Q: Why don’t you leave messages yourself?

A: It is not my place to leave messages. The board belongs to the people that go there, as you always remind me! If I started to leave messages all the time then it would not feel right. I sometimes leave a message but have not done so in a while.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to see on the web pages?

A: I would like it to feel even more like a community. Maybe we could have a picture section for members. I will sort out the video you wanted (unfortunately Glenn’s digicam would not work for us to upload).

Q: We have some questions from visitors to the page?

A: OK, fire away.

Q: I'd like to ask this question to Glenn. What would be your "dream" role? If you had a choice to play any role - what would it be & why?
Judy Cameron - New York, USA

A: I don’t have a dream role as such. However I would love to be in more feature films, as I was in two last year and the experience was wonderful. I love the technical side of them as well as the acting. It would be great to be in a real Hollywood blockbuster, but I would prefer something that really tested me as an actor.

Q: I would like to ask Glenn if he will be making any television appearances in the near future....especially regarding his new CD, and why with such a huge talent as he has and an ever growing fan club, why the new CD is only available through the web site and not on general release as I’m sure it would go extremely well...people love his voice..
Angie James - Gloucestershire, UK

A: The CD on the webpage was recorded especially for the people that go there. It was the only way I thought I could show how much I appreciate everyone who goes there. The material I am working on in the States is different. We are aiming to get a general release on that material, but the CD at is just for you! If we get a release, then there will be more TV.

Q: Were the steps in the JC video made of rubber? The reason I ask is that I always have to shut my eyes when he falls down them (just after the 39 lashes). Even though that part is so dramatic (and very clever) I know you are only acting. However when you fall down those steps if they weren't rubber it must have really hurt? The other thing I have always wondered is how he hangs on that cross? I can see there is a little peg to rest his feet, and the ropes round his arms, but surely that isn't enough to support him? Even after seeing it live I can't work out how they do it?
Clare Simone Hudson - Oldbury, UK

A: Actually the steps are made of wood. I had to train really hard and have done a lot of judo so know how to fall and not get hurt. But it was the hardest stunt I have done. I am very happy with the result, which made up for the odd bruise! In regards to the cross, sorry, I'm not allowed to say how it is done. I have an agreement with RUG not to say.

Q: 1 What did you miss most about England when you were in NY? 2 What did you think of the J.C.S. video when you saw it for the first time? 3 What kind of music do you listen when you are on your boat? 4 Do you like any Japanese food? 5 What do your fans mean to you?
Saori Ford - London, UK

A: OK, quick answers! If I can remember the questions! 1) My brothers, friends and cats. 2) To be perfectly honest I had been playing the part since finishing the film and am too close to the part to be objective, but will say that the people involved with it were absolutely lovely and very talented. 3) On boat I listen to Delirium, Karma album, which is ace. 4) I love trying all food and I really like Japanese, but have not experienced a wide variety. Apparently it is very regionalised in Japan. 5) It is a lovely feeling to be appreciated in what you do, the same in any job, but for me it is even more special because of the actual people that associate with me. I have yet to meet someone I don’t like. Maybe I should be quiet as it means more that I can say.

Q: I’d like to know if there are any other musicals after the recording of the CD planned?
Angela - Germany

A: No, not yet, no plans to do anything until current music project is finished.

Q: I really want to know.... how old are you?.....if you don't want to say..... could you tell me why? 2. What do you like more, being an actor or being a singer?
Koo Seul - France

A: 1) I don’t give out age for two reasons: a) It is restricting to an actor as people feel you can only play roles for the age you are, and b) I am not allowed to under my contract with RUG until the JCS video is released world-wide. 2) When singing, prefer being an actor and vice versa. The grass is always greener, I suppose.

Q: Do you have more fans of my country? How many?
Gloria - Spain

A. It is hard to tell. I met many Spanish-speakers at the theatre, but whether they are from South America or Europe is hard to tell. However, I understand that plans are underway for a Spanish version of the web page, so there must be a few I hope!:)

Q: As a complete dog lover myself, does Glenn have any pets? (Hard to keep pets when he's always on the move I guess!!)

A: Yes, three cats. Bruiser (tripod because he has three legs), Bella (who is fat!), and Jerry who is the most excitable cat in the world. They currently live with a friend while I have been in the States. I really miss them as they are true friends.

Part Two and more of your questions answered soon.

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