Fan Club Meeting in New York City
29 April 01

On Sunday, April 29, 2001, around twenty-five members of the Glenn Carter Fan Club met in New York City. The outing was organized by Sue Harris of London, who manages the fan club for Glenn. The meeting was to take the form of a picnic in Central Park. Glenn was in New York at the time, and he planned to attend.

In the days prior to the trip, the message board and the chat room on were buzzing with anticipation. Fans who were able to attend were excitedly making plans; fans who could not make the trip were sending their good wishes and messages of affection for Glenn along with the lucky few who lived in NYC or could travel there. Fans set out by plane, train, and automobile for New York, from the Eastern Seaboard and from as far away as Ohio. Sue flew over from London to attend. April 29 was sunny and unseasonably hot in New York. The group gathered, one by one and in small groups, at the historic Strawberry Fields. Glenn appeared, dressed appropriately for the hot afternoon, long hair blowing in the slight breeze. Given that Strawberry Fields is shady, the group walked to a sunny area about three blocks away.

The meeting lasted for around three hours. There was a bright, sun-drenched, festive atmosphere. The fans and Glenn sat casually on the ground; he autographed CDs and video jackets and posed for pictures. One of the group was celebrating her birthday that day, and Glenn and the group sang to her; a little boy who was having a birthday party nearby shared some of his balloons. All afternoon, Glenn patiently answered questions and told stories. The range of topics was tremendous. Glenn talked about how he is working on a new album with his brother, Scott. He confessed that he eats marshmallows during performances; he related how he plays captain and takes friends out on his boat in London. He spoke of his dear cat, Bruiser, who had recently passed away. He talked about the death penalty (opposes it, of course), science, and his philosophy of life. The fans later described how they felt an aura of sincerity, camaraderie, and love among everyone there. The afternoon ended with hugs from Glenn all around. Everyone eventually went their separate ways, up and down the cavernous avenues of New York; some went to hotels, others traveled on to the freeways to their homes. They were a little bit sunburned and slightly tired, but all would have happy dreams that night.

For the other fans who were languishing in various places all over the world awaiting word from the picnic-goers, several attendees logged onto the Web site and graciously recounted the events and the sentiments of the day. The fans at the picnic all seem to have felt great satisfaction and happiness. They were pleased to have met in person the friends that they had known previously only in cyberspace on the message board. They felt privileged and richer for having spent the afternoon with Glenn Carter. Some had met him earlier, after the JCS performances; others had met him for the first time that day. They explained how enlightening it was to talk to this man whose tremendous talent had first engaged them on stage, film, or recordings; they explained how they were thrilled to discover that - in addition to being talented - he is charming, bright, witty, gentle, compassionate, articulate, and amazingly well informed on so many topics. They told of how, as they left the park that afternoon, in characteristically modest fashion, Glenn had asked if they felt it had been worth the effort to attend the picnic. All agreed that it was well worth the trip; that day will be a special, luminous memory for them always.

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