Sue's day on the Boat with Glenn
7 March 01

Time was running out before Glenn went back to New York, and we were both so busy that it was so nice for me to be out of the theatre for a day, and to get Glenn out of his studio for a few hours.

It was a really warm sunny day, which was great; I arrived at 12.00 as arranged. I had never actually been on the boat before, so after big hello hug, and a very welcome cup of peppermint tea (in a tin mug!!), I had the grand tour. It was very impressive, everything has its place, and the bathroom had a shower and a flushing loo. The living area has a kitchen with all mod cons and a fire. The engine was amazing, very noisy when it is running, but you soon get used to it. Lots of things hide in cupboards, like the table drops down and can be used for anything. We were unable to take the boat out as the locks were all closed due to the foot and mouth problems, hopefully next time.

We then went to the pub for some lunch, it was a strange sensation walking on land, my sea legs felt like I was still going up and down. After lunch we went back on the boat to chat about and do some fan club stuff, Glenn had things to sign etc., etc. Another cup of tea offered and this was my moment to give Glenn my belated Xmas pressie, a set of mugs painted in traditional boat style (my Mum does china painting). He loved them, so no more tin mugs from now on. It was a lovely day, and I was able to listen to all the new tracks Glenn had been writing, they are great, you will all love the next CD.

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