Sue's Diary
28 August 00- 3 September 00

My Diary from my recent trip to New York for the last week of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Monday 28th August

Sarah and I flew into JFK at 5.30 pm and after the usual tasks in the airport like collecting our luggage, and convincing the trolley to go in the right direction we got a taxi to our hotel. After being driven at break-neck speed through the back streets, whilst I was attempting to video the highway out of the back for the show about to open at the Haymarket Theatre where I work. At the hotel we were given a suite as our bog standard room wasn't free, very nice we thought, but unfortunately we had to move the following day. Dumped our bags, rang Glenn and Andrew to let them know we had arrived, and went for a walk to the Ford Center and Times Square just to get the buzz of the city again. Checked my email in the information centre in Times Square, had a shake in MacDonalds and went to bed.

Tuesday 29th August

I got up at 5.30 am to get in the rush line for tickets, already a few of you there, whom I didn't obviously know then. After a while Sarah arrived and as we talked it was obvious to some of you that we were Brits, and eventually we spoke to Bobbi and her Mum, I have been talking to Bobbi by email for a couple of months so I had begun to put faces to all those names. After we purchased our tickets I realised that Leila was also in the line, she was the very first person to ever contact me, when she found my original website I had made on Glenn. After a chat we went back to the hotel, changed rooms - into our cupboard as we called it, and out to meet Glenn and Andrew for a chat. We then walked through Central Park via Strawberry Fields, saw the memorial to John Lennon, came out of the park and did some serious window shopping down 5th Avenue. Got something to eat, then back to the hotel ready for our first performance of JCS. Fantastic performance as expected, then a great surprise in the dressing room, Glenn gave me a JCS jacket with my name embroidered on and Broadway 2000 and JCS logo on the back. I was so thrilled and I shall treasure it always. Unfortunately it was too hot to wear it.

Wednesday 30th August

Sarah and I queued in line from 5.30 am for matinee and evening tickets as we had friends coming over from Boston and Rhode Island, namely Lisa (who I have been friends with for years) and Dan. Lots to do and arrange today as it is was the get-together of the group of fans. I had met with Glenn to listen to the tracks he has ready for the new CD. Unfortunately, Glenn had been called to an audition so the time together had to be cut short, still we all piled into the dressing room, listened to two tracks of the CD which were brilliant, we had a few photos taken, then Andrew took us on a backstage tour of the set, which very was interesting, we put on the crown of thorns and he showed us how the cross works, it was rather precarious for Glenn, with nothing more than a 5-inch perch and a couple of hand holds. Then we all went to the Deli across the road for a meal before the evening performance. To finish the most exciting day, I went home with Glenn in the limo and he took me out for dinner, a perfect ending. I finally collapsed into bed about 2.00 am, no sleep too many thoughts in my head and names to remember.

Thursday 31st August

Up at 5.00 with the rest of the pavement posse, we were quite a little group now. Got the tickets, arranged for a ticket for Friday as Sarah and I had planned a day out with Liz and Gerry. Met Leila in the line and walked to Les Mis and Jekyll and Hyde to get Sarah a ticket as she wanted to see something different whilst we were over. Went to Bryant Park for 12.00 to see the 4 different musicals being performed, it was very hot and I was so tired. Still it was entertaining, we saw Annie Get Your Gun, Stomp, Chicago and Godspell. After it finished we had lunch and decided a lay-down was in order. Went to the evening performance, met a few more fans.

Friday 1st September

Liz picked us up at the hotel at 8.30 am and drove us back to Long Island for the day by the coast. Stopped off for breakfast on the way, went to her house to change before going onto Gerry and the Twins house where her boats are moored. Such a lovely area, all the houses surrounded by trees, and we met Molly (the dog) hence her email address, and her two daughters. About a mile up the road was Gerry's house on the water, it was a lovely peaceful past after the hustle and bustle of New York. Liz and I kayaked out to the beach, whilst Sarah and Gerry walked round, it was idyllic surroundings. We went swimming and just sat and chatted on the beach. Then back for lunch in the garden before we set off back to get ready for the evening performance. It was a truly memorable day. We picked sunflowers for Glenn out of the garden. When we came out of the show it was pouring with rain, but still so hot!!

Saturday 2nd September

Joined the line again just after 5.00 am for two lots of tickets today, after that we had a business meeting in Greenwich Village and lunch out. Back at the Ford Center, some more friends decided they would make an appearance, Mary-Lynne and Elizabeth, also from Boston, we met them first in London at WDTW. After another fab show, went to TGI Fridays for dinner, it was thundering and lightening whilst we are in there, got soaked walking back across Times Square. Loads of fan club people at the show which made it an electric atmosphere, said a few goodbyes, to those who couldn't make the last performance on Sunday. I was going to sleep out with the others but Sarah offered to do my stint as I was very tired, the rain had stopped by now but all the bedding was wet through. Lovely!!

Sunday 3rd September

"THE END". Relieved Sarah at 5.30 and she went off to bed, waited with the others until the tickets went on sale at 12.00 today, it seemed like such a long time, we saw Glenn arrive and met Amy. Zipped back to the hotel to change for the matinee and collect some flowers to throw at the end. The house was full and just buzzing with energy. Sat in the middle of row AA which was brilliant and I still can’t thank those of you who helped me achieve this. The show was fun, a few added extras many in the vocals, but Glenn sang the most amazing Gethesame and received a standing ovation which was well deserved, and of course set us weepies off. The box of tissues went up and down the row. A rather tearful curtain call, a lot of the cast were crying and we bombarded the stage with the flowers we all bought, and took some photos which came out great. After the performance hundreds of people waited outside, we went into Glenn's dressing room to say our goodbyes and thank yous, it was all over. Went outside to say goodbye to everyone else patiently waiting for Glenn to come out and sign the programmes, helped collect the last flowers and gifts from fans. Glenn went off to the cast party, we all hit Joe Allen's for our last supper in NY. Then back to the hotel to do the dreaded packing and into bed ready for yet another early start back to the airport. Great flight home, so sad though, but loads of memories and looking forward to coming again (hopefully!).

So once again it was lovely to meet you all, everyone of you had something very personal about you that I shall always remember, and just thank you again for all you kindness and support you have given to Glenn and me.

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