Glenn Carter Website is redesigned / Celebration Meeting
1 August 2001

The new Website design for was inaugurated in July 2001. The design has been described as youthful but dignified, aptly showcasing the main subject and goals of the site. The site design highlights this wonderful place where fans of Glenn Carter may come to learn about him and his career, to discuss music, stage, and film, to share experiences, and to make new friends. The design uses clean, clear text fonts, inviting, subdued colors, appealing photographs of Glenn, easy-to-understand navigation, and a well-conceived site plan to make the user feel welcome and stimulated to explore the various areas of the site. The choices regarding various topics and areas covered on the site were influenced by input from Glenn's fans. The site will differ from the old site in that it will be updated more often and it will be more interactive where possible.

The reaction to the new site design has been overwhelmingly positive. On August 1, several fans gathered at Jerry's Famous Deli in Westwood (Los Angeles), California, to celebrate the grand opening of the new site. A film premier was taking place at a theatre a few doors down the street, but the enthusiasm at that more glamorous event could not match the high spirits and joy of the fans gathered to celebrate the new site. Soo ordered champagne so that the group could toast the new site, Glenn, Stu (who had recently had a birthday), and all the other people associated with the site. Attending were Soo, Bella (Patricia Harpring), Bella's sister Mary, and Melanie.

The development of the new site involved the collaboration of many people. The site is managed by Stuart Long (Stu) and Sue Harris of London. The new look was designed by Soo Chyun of Los Angeles, California. Stu, Patricia Harpring (Bella) of Los Angeles, and Sue Harris wrote the content. Regina Escobosa of Mexico helped Soo with the programming. Photographs are by Mick Payton and Hiroko Harada. Please see the Site Credit page for the full list of credits. Fans from all over the world sent photos and ideas for content materials. It was a stellar example of spectacular teamwork and a tribute to the age of Internet communication. The primary team members were never actually together in the same room. Stu was in the UK, Soo and Patricia were in the US, and Reg was in Mexico. Stu and Soo had a regularly scheduled "meeting" in cyberspace every other Sunday to discuss the site. Soo handed out tasks to Patricia and Reg, and they returned the finished parts to her over the Internet. At present, ideas for improvements to the site are still being developed. Among them are how to improve the ability of the site to pay for itself; currently, visitors' clicking on the ads at the top of the screen and the sale of a few items in the "Glenn Shop" provide the only avenues of income.

There were a few obstacles to overcome during the creation of the new site. A major hurdle was that the team members each had their own busy lives and full-time jobs to juggle along with the deadlines for the completion of It took dedication and commitment from everyone involved to complete the site. Occasionally, "Murphy's Law" was in play (i.e., "If anything can go wrong, it will!"). For example, as the deadline loomed menacingly close, the CD containing the new photographs of Glenn failed to arrive on schedule at Soo's office. When Stu was notified by Soo that the CD was apparently missing, he ran out to the post office and sent a second one labeled "Urgent Delivery." Stu had had his secretary send out the first one, and she probably sent it by regular mail and it was lost. Stu claimed that he would kill the person who sent out the first CD, but we can only assume that he did NOT follow up on that idle threat (he's really such a sweet person!!). When Soo finally had access to the photos, she saw that the white T-shirt that Glenn had been wearing during the photo shoot was all wrinkled. Apparently no one had thought to iron it (a common "guy thing," isn't it ladies?);-) Soo had to "Photoshop" the wrinkles away (Photoshop by Adobe is a software program that allows images to be edited).

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